• Mrb Financial Services
    Peace of mind are the words I think of when referring my friends and family to MRB Financial Services. I have been a client for many years and always had the very best service, whether it is for a lost cell phone, diamond ring or burst geyser, Trish and staff have been amazing. They focused on the issue at hand and never let me down. I highly recommend MRB Financial Services for their professionalism and willingness to be of assistance.
    Gail Hicks
  • Mrb Financial Services
    Trish from MRB Financial Services has absolutely surprised me with the best service and personalised assistance you could dream of.  She saved me so much time, money and effort in changing insurers and claiming, without any hitches, getting me better benefits at a lower cost and always placing my best interests first. Thank you so much for restoring my faith in the insurance industry.  
    Rita du Plessis
    RD Attorneys
  • When I first came to Trish Batholomew to quote me on my insurance I was more than pleasantly surprised when not only did she find me an insurance company offering me MORE service than my previous insurance company, but also that it saved me money! In the two years since MRB Financial Services has maintained my home, car and business insurance I have noticed how Trish goes out of her way to help when there is a problem and always giving her best service. At the beginning of the year she surprised me by letting me know that they had reviewed my portfolio and I was due for a percentage decrease! I know that no matter what time of day or night, if trouble comes, Trish will be there for me to help me. Thank you Trish and MRB Financial Services, I can rest assured every month that my insurance premium is money well spent.
    Jen Strachan
  • I love being a client of MRB Financial Services because I know that I am in very capable and expert hands. I know that MRB has my best interests at heart.I trust that if there is a better option for my personal or business situation, MRB will find it for me and advise, not only the best way forward, but the best option for my affordability. I completely trust that MRB will be able to answer any question I may have and that is very comforting. MRB's knowledge, experience and attention to detail instilled confidence in me immediately on engaging with MRB. The peace of mind I have knowing that I am covered in the most suitable way for my current situation is invaluable. Short-term insurance is no longer something that keeps me up at night. I know that I am in the best hands ever!
    Kim Knight
  • I have always felt uncomfortable when making a claim for some unknown reason, however, working with the 2 of you on various claims. I cannot explain how at ease you have made me feel. No query or claim is too small.
    Kim Pitt
August 3, 2020

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